12 amazing places you probably didn’t know existed in London

There’s so much more to London than big clocks, dildo-shaped skyscrapers, bridges and old Victorian tat. Ditch Zone 1 for a day and go explore London’s awesome suburban wildernesses – the one-day travelcard will be so worth it.

 Epping Forest

A 6,000-acre forest home to ancient oak trees, peacocks, snakes and hundreds of species of flowers in London? SHUT UP. Closest station: Epping


Morden Hall Park



 Thumbelina totally lives in this magical fairy land full of cute bunnies and stone bridges. Closest station: Morden

 Ruislip Lido



London has a beach… AN ACTUAL BEACH (well kind of) where you can make sandcastles and bury dad in the sand (safely, of course) and do other beachy stuff. Closest station: Ruislip 

 Kyoto Gardens, Holland Park

An enchanting west-London Japanese ornamental garden. Pack a book. Closest station: Holland Park 

Crystal Palace Park

What a lovely day for a walk in the park! #crystalpalacepark #crystalpalacedinosaurs #crystalpalacedinosaurpark

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Cue the ‘Jurassic Park’ theme music. These dino celebs have been welcoming visitors since 1854 and were the first sculptures of their kind in the world, pre-dating the publication of Darwin’s ‘On the Origin of Species’. Closest station: Crystal Palace


Eel Pie Island

Aside from a few freaky dolls and cottages, this exclusive, elusive and secluded little island on the Thames once held Rolling Stones and David Bowie concerts at the famous Eel Pie Island hotel. The island was also once home to the UK’s largest hippy commune. Closest station: Twickenham

Bushy Park, Hampton 

Just how sexy is this bushy stag? Go find him now (and the 329 free-roaming others) in this mammoth royal park in leafy south-west London. Closest station: Hampton Court 

London Wetland Centre, Barnes

Yep, that’s a Highland cow. In London. Closest station: Barnes

Woodberry Wetlands

Woodberry Wetlands reservoir #woodberrywetlands #stokenewington

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The legendary David Attenborough recently opened this little utopia of calm to the people of Stoke Newington. Aren’t they lucky? Closest station: Manor House 

Syon House, Brentford

There are 600 years of history to uncover at the former aristocratic home of the Percy family. But as you can see, it’s the sick glass conservatory that makes it so worth a visit. Closest station: Gunnersbury/Kew Bridge 


Oxleas Woods, Shooters Hill

Severndroog Castle is an 18th century Gothic styled tower built by a heartbroken widow and sitting at one of the highest points in London. Built by Lady James in 1784 as a memorial to her husband, Sir William James' who's most famous exploit was destroying a fleet and stronghold of pirates on the Indian island fortress of Severn Droog. It's situated in Oxleas Wood,just alongside Shooters Hill,which was mentioned by Samuel Pepys in his diary in 1661 and was probably named after the highwaymen who would hold up stagecoaches as they were forced to slow on the ascent of the steep hill as it was a major route from Dover into London. From the viewing platform at the top you can get great 360 degree views into London and across seven counties on a clear day. ☺ #severndroogcastle#severndroog#castle #ukpotd #London #uk_enthusiasts #worldframeclub #daffodils #oldbuildings #architecture #london_enthusiast #harte_ace #britains_talent #nature #picoftheday #uk_greatshots #bestukpics #ig_great_pics #ig_shutterbugs #ig_photosentez #instadaily#lovelondon #greenwich #visitgreenwich #Travel #oxleaswoods

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The Oxleas Woods are 8,000 years old. Climb to the top of Severndroog castle for giddying views of the city. There’s also a delectable little tea room to enjoy a spot of afternoon tea – it’s cheap too. Closest station: Eltham

York House, Twickenham

Can you believe this used to be someone’s house? It’s now the town hall of the borough of Richmond upon Thames, complete with pretty gardens and a couple of tennis courts. Very west London. Closest station: Twickenham  

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