Most romantic places

15 Places Couples Fall In Love With


Being in love is fabulous, but being in love while staring at these breathtaking places is just icing on the ‘stunning vista’ cake. Enjoy and always be in love!!!


1. Big Sur, California 


Breathtaking hilltops and stunning cliffs. Drive through here merely once and you and your loved one will be planning your June wedding. Seriously. Like, I went here single and I almost put a down payment on a venue. 

2. Patagonia, Argentina 


This region of the world has been on my must-see list for years. All the way at the bottom of South America you will find some of the most beautiful landscapes imaginable. This place is ideal for those perfectly still moments. 

3. Gili Islands, Indonesia


This is a place in which a sea turtle literally swam beside me and where I was able to paddle board from one paradise to the next. Who wouldn’t want to be washed up on a couple (almost) deserted islands with their plus one? 

4. The Sahara, Morocco 


I’ve been here and I can whole-heartedly tell you that there are a lot more bugs than you would have imagined. But besides that, looking all around you and staring up at the bright night sky is possibly one of the most romantic settings in the world. 


5. Hills of Tuscany, Italy 


Diane Lane is not the only one that finds inspiration of the love kind in Tuscany. So does literally everyone else who goes here! How could you not feel all warm and fuzzy inside with these sweeping hills and endless skyline? 

6. Santorini, Greece 


This whole island is synonymous with romance. You almost feel like you are on your honeymoon even if you are travelling with friends. The biggest attraction? That epic sunset every night that draws you in closer to your loved one and to the thousands of other tourists. 

7. Swiss Alps, Switzerland 


If you’re like me and you’re more ‘apres-ski’ then actual ‘ski’ you can still take in these breathtaking views from pretty much any resort. Who wouldn’t want to cuddle around a fire and bask in the glory of these mountains? 

8. Florence, Italy


There are no shortage of romantic viewpoints in this home to many masterpieces of Renaissance art and architecture. Take in a couple galleries, hand-in-hand with that special someone. Then, enjoy some fresh pizza and fall in love all over again.


9. The Eiffel Tower, Paris. 


Love it or hate it, when that tower glows, it’s only a matter of time before you are living out your own romcom storyline. Make sure to find a clear viewing spot — if not, you’ll just be watching about thirty marriage proposals happen at once. 

10. Venice, Italy


What could be a more romantic setting than this? Here, we have a city of beautiful architecture and winding canals and the opportunity to ride on a romantic gondola with a singing gondolier included. Gahhh, my heart.


11. Capetown, South Africa 


Love can already make the world seem brighter…and when you match that with the eye-popping and colorful vistas of Capetown, you can not help but be in a magical mood. This is the perfect spot for the couple who loves adventure. 

12. Mount Batur, Bali


Sometimes love makes you do crazy things! You know, like climb volcanoes and then continue to work out and make the entire world envious. Tbh, with this stunning view and early morning sun, I would probably be inspired to do the same. 

13. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


From beaches to mountaintops, there is no shortage of romantic viewpoints to enjoy in this city. One of the nicest is the Sugarloaf Mountain though. It boasts views for days. It’s a perfect spot for the Instagram couple in us all. 

14. Bora Bora, Tahiti 


Honestly, you can insert pretty much any tropical island for a surefire romantic setting. The best one though? Well… These Tahitian waters and mountain backdrop are what comes to mind as one of the most beautiful places.

15. Kauai, Hawaii


What better place to start your day and salute the sun than cliffside in one of the most beautiful parts of a pretty amazing island. And you know what they say, couples that yoga together, stay together.