The 10 Best African Hairstyles of the Year

Can someone’s hairstyle really be so eye-catching that you literally can’t tear your gaze away from it? It certainly can, especially if it’s been created by someone as skillful as Lisa Farrall. This woman is a true genius when it comes to the art of hairstyling. To understand what we mean, look no further than her success in conveying the spirit of the African continent in her series of photographs, Armour.




Most Luxurious Plane in the World

 What is like to travel in incredible and absolutely luxury?

The airline Etihad Airways has gone further in this effort than other companies, having created on-board one of its А380 airplanes what can only be described as complete private ’apartments’.




10 typical homes from around the world really look like

We often see beautiful homes and interiors in the movies or in glossy magazines and admire them as architectural masterpieces. Thanks to the mass media, we have a general idea of what the homes of people in different places of the world look like. We realize that what we see on the screen can differ greatly from the reality.



Some photos that look like they are from other planets

Mother Earth is so vast and unique, when we look at pictures of different places that don’t know the location; we thought maybe they are from other planets. Nature never loses its ability to surprise and amaze you! Read more here.




20 Places where winter looks absolutely amazing

Now is the winter and probably most of you do not like it and dream of summer heat and cocktails on the beach, but the winter might be very beautiful time of the year. We at Trip city adventure will show you some amazing winter photos that can be breathtaking.




The most useful Google apps you never suspected that they existed


Google is your best friend to searching for answers or information online. Millions of people use it every day, but only few can utilize Google to its full potential. In fact, this powerful search engine can offer lots of great services, apps and features that aren’t on many people know.

The Trip city adventure team will help you to uncover some of them. Here are some of The most useful Google apps you never suspected that they existed


Amazing Optical Impressions Created by Mother Nature


There is one most amazing creator of incredible landscape views. It is Mother Nature.

Its masterpieces are so astonishing and impressive that they seem to be part of some fantastic world outside our reality.

We here at Trip City Adventure have never seen such magical pictures! They’re unbelievable! Just take a look.



Pictures of Turkeys for Thanksgiving


The bald eagle may be the United States’ national emblem, but there’s another feathery friend that many associate with the U.S.—especially around the holidays.

People have depended on turkey long before Abraham Lincoln established the Thanksgiving holiday in 1863. The Maya domesticated turkeys thousands of years ago.




Really unusual things that you will like and want to have at home


Whether it’s designing things that we really need, or just dreaming up stuff which we want to own for no particular reason, it seems that there is no limit to human originality when it comes to creating designer goods. How many of these really cool things take your fancy? We certainly wanted to buy them all as soon as we saw them!



Some of the most beautiful trees in the world


There are many reasons to love the trees: they help produce the oxygen that we breathe, they provide shelter from the sun on a hot day; they’re the perfect home for many different kinds of animal. Here’s one more reason: some of them look absolute unique amazing.

Actually some of them aren’t technically trees (the wisteria is a vine; the rhododendron is a bush, and the baobab is actually related to grass plants). But we couldn’t leave them out of this list — they’re just so wonderful to look at.


Traditional wedding outfits around the world


Now it’s rare to find a wedding dress that isn’t white. However, in some cultures, especially in Asia and Africa, the young couples still prefer traditional wedding clothing. We here at Trip City adventure have gathered together photos of brides and grooms wearing traditional clothing for their wedding ceremony around the world.





Earth, Then and Now: Dramatic Changes in Our Planet Shown by Incredible NASA Images


If you compare some of the photographs which can be found on NASA’s website, you can really see how human beings have changed the appearance of our world over the years. The time difference between these images ranges from five to 100 years. Incredible stuff.



Five forbidden places on Earth where you’d better not check your fears

ilha-da-queimada-grandeIt seems that we can do everything and go everywhere we want, if we have money, time and desire. It is not true. There are some places on the planet where strictly prohibited for tourists.




The 10 Most Expensive Restaurants in the World

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant (Maldives)_9While some of us are happy with a pound pizza slice or hamburger, others prefer t to go to expensive restaurants to spend a special occasion or just to enjoy the delicious cooked food.
Some pretentious aesthetes visit the expensive restaurants because of impressive location, premium offers or celebrity chefs. Although the high process, they are willing to pay and to share their expertise and experience, mostly in the social network.




 The cheapest travel destination for 2016

TravelWhether you want salsa lessons in South America or to enjoy the delicious cuisine of the Balkans, or just relax on the beach hut in the summer time in England (why not), we have offered 10 cheaper travel destinations for 2016, where you can spend your vacation.
There are many things that need to be considering as a destination, prices and hotels, as well as all those hidden fees and resort costs, which you understand only when the reservation has already booked.




Where to spend Christmas and New Year holiday?


It’s Christmas day and all over the world.Christmas celebrations are coming. Here are some amazing places in the world where you can enjoy the Christmas day and feel the Christmas spirit .

Merry Christmas, and may this day be filled with many well wishes for you and your family.